The solution of installing mobile phone signal jammer in base station within 100 meters

Dojammer 2021-12-01

The customer sent a live photo, which showed that the nearest base station was less than 100 meters away from the site. The effect of using a conventional cell phone signal jammer on the site was very unsatisfactory. Is there any good solution for the signal jammer project?

After understanding, the customer read the signal strength of the base station through the mobile phone signal software, and the strength value is between -20dB and -30dB. The mobile phone signal jammer used in the test is a common low-power model, that is, each output channel is 2- With 3W transmission power, it is detected that the antenna exit intensity from the wireless signal jammer is -45d to -50dB. Under this intensity comparison, it is obviously impossible to shield and suppress the on-site mobile phone signal. Of course, it is basically equivalent to nothing. Shielding effect.

This kind of scene where the base station is too close and the signal strength of the mobile phone propagated from the base station is too strong is now more and more common. When encountering such an environmental scene, I want to use a conventional low-power mobile phone signal jammer to achieve signal shielding. The effect is already very unrealistic. The solutions are nothing more than the following:

1. Significantly increase the budget, and replace the original plan to use low-power wireless signal jammers with high-power models, such as our SMa-818K200 high-power mobile phone signal jammer from Nanjing Bokang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. The output power of each channel can reach 50W, and the signal strength of the antenna outlet can reach between -25dB and -33dB. In this way, a certain signal shielding effect can be achieved.

2. Party A is required to cooperate and contact the operator of the base station to negotiate whether to lower the transmission power of the base station, or modify the direction of the antenna (directional antenna) facing the area. The angle of the correction is preferably greater than 60 In this way, the signal strength in the area can also be reduced, so that the coverage distance of low-power or medium-power mobile phone signal jammers can be increased to a certain extent. What needs to be reminded is that even if this method can be implemented, the number of wireless signal jammers finally purchased will still be more than the general on-site environment.

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