What is the use of 5G signals?

Dojammer 2021-12-07

After 5G signal coverage is over, you will be able to download files, play online games and pay online almost in the blink of an eye. Uploading something to the cloud will be as fast as storing files locally. New networks will also be crucial to the success of smart homes and self-driving cars. A 5G network will provide up to 1 million connections per square kilometer. This will be the basis for creating a "smart city" because it will connect millions of small, low-power devices, from traffic lights to wearable devices.

Some uses of 5G networks; our homes will also become more connected. The 5G network will be able to seamlessly transmit TV programs from one device to the next. The transmission speed of the 5G network will ensure that self-driving cars can respond instantly to commands such as braking. Virtual reality will also become more accessible. 5G jammer, Currently, the throughput of running virtual reality is almost 100 times that of playing high-definition video.

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Which applications have been launched?

In fact, the characteristics of 5G are far from limited to fast network speeds, and applications are not limited to 5G mobile phones. Its application can cover almost all walks of life. Currently, the most popular application is 5G+4K live broadcast.

Relevant staff of China Unicom told the China News Network reporter that in fact, 5G mobile phones are only a kind of terminal products of 5G, and the application of 5G networks is far from limited to mobile phones.

Miao Wei said recently, “In the future, about 20% of 5G facilities will be used for communication between people, and 80% will be used for things and things, things and people, that is, the Internet of Things, especially the mobile Internet of Things. Communication problem."

For example, in the education industry, China Unicom recently launched a 5G new technology open class. In order to allow students to better experience the phenomenon of light refraction and total reflection, students can wear VR glasses to experience the mirage.

Li Yunzhao, an education informatization expert from Hubei Unicom, explained that holographic projection portraits require higher network speeds than HD video live broadcasts. The 5G network speed is more than 10 times faster than 4G, and the network delay of holographic projection video is less than 5 milliseconds. Only when entering the 5G era, video tools can truly realize vivid holographic projection.

At the 2019 Shandong 5G Industry Summit held recently, 21 5G application booths based on 17 scenarios were displayed, comprehensively showing 10 major 5G application directions such as 5G + artificial intelligence, 5G + robots, 5G + virtual reality, and 5G + Internet of Things.

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