What are the factors that affect the effect of police EOD?

Dojammer 2021-11-29

Based on the particularity of the application of the police EOD, the requirements for the police EOD equipment itself are very demanding, to ensure that the equipment is foolproof when in use, and to ensure that the EOD task can be successfully completed, so the police use The interference effect of the EOD instrument puts forward higher requirements. So what are the factors that affect the interference effect of the EOD?

1. Use the signal strength on site

The signal strength mentioned here refers to the signal strength of the mobile phone. The signal strength of the mobile phone depends on the distance of the base station on site. This is visible or controllable. The spectrum distribution can be measured by a spectrum analyzer, and then The interference range can be maximized by setting a specific module. Of course, you can also contact the operator in advance to help reduce the signal strength at the scene. The signal strength of other remote control depends on the distance between the signal source and the suspicious explosive. This is not acceptable. It is foreseen, so the focus should be on shielding the remote control signal, and the module that interferes with the remote control signal of the police EOD should be set to seamless interference.

2. The transmit power of the radio frequency module

Theoretically, the greater the transmitting power of the radio frequency module, the greater the shielding range, but if the bandwidth of the transmitted signal of a single module of the police EOD is too wide, it will also affect the interference effect. If you want to achieve the greatest effect, first Choose a high-power radio frequency module, and secondly, you should reasonably allocate the frequency bandwidth of the signal transmitted by a single module, and achieve the maximum interference range through reasonable bandwidth allocation.