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How to select the mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room?

Dojammer 2021-11-29

There are many conference rooms, among which the ones smaller than 100 square meters are relatively high. This time, the conference rooms smaller than 100 square meters are used as the focus of the discussion, which is more universal and representative.

First determine the type of signal that needs to be shielded, whether it only shields mobile phone signals or includes mobile phone signals and WiFi signals. The frequency of mobile phone signal and WiFi signal is different, so if you want to choose to shield mobile phone signal and WiFi signal, you need to add WiFi signal to the cell phone signal jammer in the meeting room. WiFi signal includes 2.4G, 5.1G and 5.8G. The WiFi module means increased costs. Whether it is a wireless router or wireless AP coverage, the WiFi signal of these devices can generally be set separately. In order to avoid setting the parameters of these devices, more customers generally choose to use the existing ones. The cell phone signal jammer in the conference room that blocks the cell phone signal also blocks the WiFi signal.

Secondly, it is necessary to determine the requirements for the installation of jammers in the conference room. When installing jammers in some meeting rooms, it is better to beautify or install the jammers. When these requirements are met, then you need to move the jammers Think about it, beautify or hide the jammer. First of all, you can make a shell of imitation sound, place the jammer in the outer shell of the imitation sound, or place the jammer directly on the ceiling to hide it, and then make a power switch separately to supply power to the jammer.

Finally, you can also choose a jammer that is more beautiful in appearance and can be used alone in a conference room mobile phone signal jammer, so that there is no need to beautify or hide separately. It is recommended to use the SMa-818B5 mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room. The jammer is not only beautiful, the shielding effect is excellent, and it can be completely silent when the jammer is working.