The radiation from the jammer is very low

Dojammer 2021-05-12

From commercial organizations to schools, hospitals, banks and even law enforcement agencies, there is a demand for 4G mobile jammers, and as more things need to be done, the demand grows too. It is said that a company in the United States invented a device that interfered with the functioning of the camera.

Many detainees continue to organize illegal drug trafficking within the prison walls. Cell phones are a necessary tool for detainees to keep drug organizations running and under tight control. By contacting visitors, prisoners can arrange the transfer of drugs and drug paraphernalia so that they can continue to practice and detain the same illegal habits. When family members realize that their relatives are better off staying in prison, family members are usually harassed and bailed out by their imprisoned relatives.

In addition. Cell phones are so widely used in classrooms these days that students think they have the right to use them during class. They didn't listen to the instructions and had to repeat them many times for texting, listening to music, or watching videos or movies on their phones to play games. Some students answered or even made phone calls during class. In this case, a cell phone jammer should be used.

5G cell phone signal Jammer

Regarding the radiation problem, the jammers installed in the school can be put out to tender, and the products purchased have passed the national quality test and meet the safety standards. The area of ​​effect is limited to the dormitory and does not affect the surrounding residents. In addition, a radiation test was carried out and the results showed that the radiation was very low and did not affect health.

Also, as a professional GPS Jammer, I have to tell you that less complex devices only block a number of frequencies, while complex jammers can block multiple network types at the same time to prevent phones with two or three modes from automatically switching between different types of networks to do the job to find open signal. Some high-end devices block all frequencies at the same time, while other high-end devices can be tuned to specific frequencies.

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