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Does the cell phone signal shielding device consume a lot of cell phone batteries?

Dojammer 2021-11-15


The cell phone signal jammer device consumes a lot of battery for most mobile phones. Because the mobile phone jammer is turned on, the signal between the mobile phone and the base station will be shielded, and it is actually interfered, and normal communication with the base station cannot be formed. So, many mobile phones have this function: when there is no signal, the mobile phone has to work very hard to search for the signal, which leads to a lot more power than the normal standby state!


If you stay in the interference range of the mobile phone signal shielding device for a long time, turn off the mobile phone (without shutting down and no signal) to reduce the battery consumption of the mobile phone.

It is within the interference range of the mobile phone signal shielding device for a short time, and the consumption of the mobile phone battery can be ignored at this time.

Is it necessary to set up a UAV countermeasure system?

With the continuous changes of the times, the country's low-altitude airspace has been opened up, and many aspects of the application of drones have increased. The misuse of drones by unscrupulous manufacturers and accidents caused by the "black flying" of drones have been common so far. At the airport, you should often encounter the interference of drones that cause the flight to be delayed. Therefore, some companies have decided to use drone countermeasures systems and set restricted no-fly zones to counter drones.

The UAV Jammer system uses various methods such as radio and radar to lock the position of the UAV to carry out UAV countermeasures. Once the drone's positioning is detected by the drone countermeasure system, the system will build a wall to cut off the connection between the drone and the remote control. The drone can only be forced to land or return to the destination. The purpose of the man-machine countermeasure system to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace.