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Is the old full-band signal shielding instrument unable to shield 5G signals?

Dojammer 2021-11-15

"This is not surprising." Communications experts explained that 5G is a newly launched network standard in recent years, using some new radio frequency bands, and many old full-band jammers do not support shielding 5G signals.

According to the division of 5G frequency bands, China Telecom and China Unicom mainly use 100MHz spectrum resources in the 3.5GHz frequency band for 5G, while China Mobile mainly uses 160MHz spectrum resources in the 2.6GHz frequency band and 100MHz spectrum resources in the 4.9GHz frequency band.

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The working principle of the full-band Signal jammer instrument is to use the higher power of the full-band jammer to release stronger signals in the corresponding mobile network frequency band to suppress the normal signals that interfere with the normal signal to achieve the purpose of shielding.

"The first possibility is that the 5G signal may not be within the working range of the full-band signal shielding instrument used on site; the second possibility is that the 5G signal itself has relatively strong anti-interference ability, and the full-band jammer failed to suppress it successfully. Interference." The expert said.

At present, communication technology is constantly upgrading, and the 5G signal system is also different from the original 4G system. The old model of the full-band signal shielding instrument cannot completely interfere with the 5G signal, and it may also exist.

It is not difficult to fill this loophole. Confirm in advance which types of signals are near the examination room, and then deploy new models of full-band jammers in a targeted manner. Full-band signal shielding instrument, upgraded to 5G based on the original technology, can shield 2G/3G/4G/5G/WiFi/Bluetooth/y invisible earphones/ walkie-talkies/wireless data transmission and other signals. The full-band signal shielding instrument SMa-818Q produced in Shilin County, Yunnan Province is used at the entrance examination center in Shilin County, Yunnan Province.