Overview and Usage Characteristics of Cell Phone Signal Jammers

Dojammer 2022-06-17

The cell phone jammer is not an unknown device, it can be used in many different places to effectively prevent cell phone leakage and eliminate cell phone noise pollution, but there are still many users who have detailed equipment knowledge and are not known , so I'll introduce it next.

I. Overview

In the information age, with the rapid development of communication technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in people's daily work and life. However, the widespread adoption of mobile phones has also created some problems that cannot be ignored, mainly:

1.1 Become a new leak channel that poses a threat to the security of sensitive information.

With the development of science and technology, cell phone positioning, tracking and monitoring has become an important source of intelligence tools for countries around the world. Therefore, as long as a mobile phone is carried in a secret place, whether it is used or not, as long as it is in the standby state, it is highly likely that it will leak secrets and cause serious harm to units or people. and even to political parties and the country.

1.2 become a new source of noise pollution and interfere with the normal flow of work.

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the environment of using conference rooms, courts, libraries, schools and other places is deteriorating. The noise generated by mobile phones destroys the calm and solemn atmosphere of these places and affects people's normal work.

1.3 It is becoming a new insecure factor, bringing hidden dangers to enterprise security production.

Using mobile phones in gas stations, gas stations, oil fields, oil depots, etc. will lead to fire or explosion, and the consequences will be very serious.

1.4 It has become a new criminal method and affects social stability.

Some opportunistic people use cell phones to cheat on exams and some terrorists and hostile elements also use cell phones to detonate bombs... Facts show that cell phones have become a tool for criminals to commit crimes on some occasions, which has a negative impact on social stability. . The cell phone security signal jammer developed by our company can effectively solve the above problems. As a new information security product, it forms an electric fence with a certain electromagnetic signal at the place to be protected, so that the mobile phone cannot receive the base station data and cannot establish contact with the base station. eliminating the negative effects of the mobile phone. for security protection.

6 Bands Signal Jammer

2. Applications and Features

2.1 Purpose

The cell phone security signal jammer only works for cell phone communication, it does not interfere with other electronic devices and is harmless to human body and can be widely used.

2.1.1 Various conference rooms, lecture halls, courts, libraries, examination rooms, schools, theaters, hospitals;

2.1.2 gas stations, gas stations, oil fields, oil depots;

2.1.3 Any place where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, such as B. Government, Military, Financial, Securities, Prisons, Public Safety or Command Centers/Centrals.

2.2 Features

2.2.1 Cell Phone Security Signal Jammers are all made of newer SMD components and integrated circuits, with advanced performance, easy installation and use, and continuous work for a long time.

2.2.2 The production process strictly follows the ISO9001 quality system, and the work is stable and reliable. It is an ideal and reliable security product to strengthen information security, ensure safe production and protect the environment.

The above is the overview of cell phone signal jammer and introduction of its usage and features. According to its introduction, it is convenient for users to clearly understand the use of the device and the performance to be played, in order to meet the needs of the users used and effectively improve the use efficiency.