Brief introduction of full-standard mobile phone signaling jammer equipment

Dojammer 2021-10-29

The full-standard mobile phone signaling jammer ZXTY-GR01 is a device that interferes and shields mobile phone signals. It can cover all mobile phones including CDMA, GSM, DCS, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-LTE, and TD-FDD Signal frequency band and WiFi, etc. The device adopts its channel micro-power transmission, high-gain directional transmitting antenna design scheme, no channel low-gain 7dbm. The shielding distance of this mobile phone jammer is at least five times that of conventional jammers on the market. It is suitable for environments that require confidentiality, such as agencies, military industries, and group companies.

Functional performance characteristics

(1) Signaling level downlink interference, perimeter precision control equipment adopts signaling level code channel interference innovation technology, through the downlink codec interference method, no interference to the uplink channel, and based on low-power single device deployment, shielding perimeter control Accurate, the surrounding interference is reduced to low;

(2) Low-power emission, green low-radiation equipment is based on the signaling-level interference principle, without high-power suppression, to achieve low-power transmission, green low-radiation, the transmission point is lower than the transmission power of the mobile phone, and lower than the transmission power of the traditional cell phone signal jammer.

5 Bands Signal Jammers

(3) Full-area full-standard, no blind spots and no dead corners. Dojammer equipment can achieve full-standard shielding of the three major operators 2G, 3G, and 4G, especially effectively solving other shielding methods in strong signal areas and 3G/4G shielding on the operator’s network. sleepy

The difficult problem is to achieve full-standard and full-area shielding.

(4) Adaptive intelligent, smooth and upgradeable equipment can automatically detect changes in the external network environment and adjust its own parameters to ensure reliable system operation. At the same time, it can be flexibly switched and shielded according to user needs by time period, area, and frequency band. All switch settings can be set through the management platform

Automatic setting to realize self-adjustment and intelligent management.

(5) Customized signal management and network management platform Aiming at equipment scale deployment, the system can provide carrier-grade, customized network management and signal management and control platforms.

(6) Appearance of household appliances, built-in antenna, natural heat dissipation and no noise.

Pay attention to the following points when installing this device:

Before installing and operating the company's portable mobile phone smart detection and shielding equipment, please read this safety notice carefully and carefully observe the following safety regulations:

(1) Anti-scald: When the device is working normally, the temperature of the back cover is around 50°C, please do not touch it for a long time.

(2) Power supply: The equipment adopts AC 220V power supply. Please confirm: the rated voltage range of the AC power supply of the public power grid is AC176V~264V, and the rated frequency range is 45Hz~55Hz. The grounding terminal of the three-core power socket used at the installation site of the equipment must be reliably connected to the protective ground of the building.

(3) Before powering on the equipment, make sure that the receiving antenna is properly installed.

The installation of "mobile phone signal jammer" is a manifestation of being responsible to students Importance of business information

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