Importance of business information

Dojammer 2021-10-29

The term trade secret is familiar to everyone, but few people really realize its importance. Commercial secrets are essential information for social production, exchange, consumption and other economic activities. Many commercial spies eavesdrop on the trade secrets of other colleagues in order to achieve their own interests. If the eavesdropping leaks seriously, it may affect the overall operation of the company. If our business information is tapped, what precautions should we take in terms of anti-eavesdropping?

When discussing corporate information, it should involve all the information within an enterprise, including: financial status, customer resources, product costs, personnel administration, and so on. In particular, information that can affect the profitability of an enterprise should be determined as an important business secret of the enterprise. All of these should be collectively referred to as corporate information.

With the popularity and rapid development of the Internet and the needs of business operations, a lot of corporate information is stored on computers or removable storage media, which poses a security threat to corporate information. Once these computers or storage media containing corporate secrets are connected to the Internet, they may face the risk of eavesdropping or information leakage. And some companies cannot do without the Internet, such as securities companies, banking systems, and so on. As a result, the concept of "enterprise information security" has gradually become a noun for "enterprise network security". In fact, people ignore the issue of corporate information security outside the network.

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In addition to network leaks, there are many channels for corporate information leakage. For example, verbal leaks, loss of files, and the installation of stealing devices (eavesdroppers, camera stealers, voice recorders, etc.) by commercial spies have all become channels for corporate information to be stolen. Therefore, companies should establish a complete set of information security protection measures against these possible thefts, and protect their business secrets from the two levels of management and technical prevention.

First, it is necessary to establish and improve an information security management system based on actual conditions. Establish an information security management department or set up an information security officer to regularly inspect corporate information security matters in accordance with management regulations, and find and solve problems in a timely manner.

Second, guarantee from the technical aspect. This is also a key part of enterprise information security, because the system will always be implemented inadequately, and technical precautions just make up for this shortcoming. Enterprises can conduct regular or irregular information security inspections for anti-theft and leakage prevention. The inspection scope includes: business premises, leadership offices, confidential meeting rooms, storage places for confidential materials, computers and their networks, vehicles, communication tools, etc. Wait.

In addition to the above circumstances, Zhixin Tianyi recommends that companies should pay attention to the following points:

1. The file is automatically encrypted when it is created, edited, and saved, which can ensure that the file stored on the hard disk is ciphertext, and prevent active leaks. Files of specified types can be automatically backed up to prevent malicious deletion.

2. Effectively control the various ways of information leakage, such as prohibiting printing, screenshots, etc., and only protected programs can read the ciphertext.

3. Various operation behaviors of files can be recorded in detail, including new creation, editing, opening, copying, deleting, renaming, etc. Record the user's computer operation behavior and provide a basis for subsequent investigation.

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