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What are the forms and types of portable frequency jammers?

Dojammer 2021-12-04

The classification of portable frequency jammers is distinguished from the appearance, including: tow-box, backpack, hand-held and suitcase-type radio frequency jammers. These models all reflect the portability of the device application form. For example, the tow-box frequency interference meter adopts a trolley case structure and relies on the roller to realize the drag transfer of the radio frequency interference meter. The backpack frequency jammer is just like a backpack, which can be carried by the user directly on his back. Hand-held frequency jammers are small and light, and can be held in one hand. The suitcase-type radio frequency jammer is the device is completely assembled in a suitcase, which has high concealment and camouflage capabilities.

In addition, to distinguish from the power size and coverage of the equipment, it can be roughly divided into: 1. Low-power portable jammers, which generally refer to the transmit power of each radio frequency module between 0.5-1W. For example, the SMa-818S and SMa-818S8 handheld radio frequency jammers produced by Nanjing Bokang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. 2. Medium-power portable jammers refer to the transmitting power of each radio frequency band between 10-20W. The representative products of this type are: SMa-818TS suitcase type frequency jammer and SMa-818T type tow box type. 3. The high-power portable jammer means that the transmitting power of each module is between 50-100W. This type of products such as: SMa-818T5B, SMa-818T8B, SMa-818TB and other high-power drag box frequency jammers.