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Cheating upgrade can be called a high-tech "spy war" Who will ensure fairness in the exam?

Dojammer 2022-01-13

Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan special telegram on October 16th Question: The upgrade of cheating can be called a high-tech "spy war". Who will ensure the fairness of the test?

Unattended radio stations, radio walkie-talkies, invisible earphones... High-tech equipment that can only appear in spy movies is now used by some criminals in various exams. The college entrance examination, public examination, postgraduate entrance examination, etc., one after another "cheating radio waves" have challenged the fairness of the examination.
"Mysterious radio waves" appeared in the examination room, using computers and walkie-talkies to drive the crime

Recently, a "mysterious radio wave" appeared near the examination room for the 2013 first-level construction engineer examination in Taiyuan City.

"78 questions, 79 questions..." The frequency of the radio wave was displayed as 221.575MHz, and a female voice came from the device.

At this time, the staff of the Shanxi Provincial Radio Administration was sitting in the patrol car, staring at the monitoring screen, and holding a portable antenna to search for the direction of the radio waves. When the vehicle drove to the school gate, the field strength value on the monitoring equipment increased. "It can be determined that the 'mysterious radio wave' is nearby." The staff said that according to the field strength of the monitoring equipment, the distance to the other party can be determined. the closer the distance. cell phone signal jammer

Soon, the staff identified the target as a Mercedes-Benz. The interception and inspection found that a woman in her 30s was sitting on the back seat of the vehicle, and a radio walkie-talkie was found on the soles of her feet. Compared with the frequency band, it was the monitored 221.575MHz. At this time, the woman's mobile phone was still sending answers continuously, and she found a device for sending and receiving messages in the trunk of the vehicle.

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Such cases of cheating using high technology such as radio are not rare. The Public Security Bureau of Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province recently announced to the public that 8 people involved in fraud cases in Baode County, Kelan County, and Yuanping City in Xinzhou City during the college entrance examination this year have been transferred to the procuratorate for prosecution. Administrative detention of 1 person.

At around 16:30 on June 7, the policemen on duty in the college entrance examination of Baode County Public Security Bureau arrested Lu Mouqi, a criminal suspect who was debugging and sending the answers to the five questions of mathematics in the 2013 Shanxi Province Science B college entrance examination, near Baode Middle School. A black Volkswagen sedan with the license plate number Jin AHL797 was seized on the spot, and a running portable computer, a walkie-talkie and computer network equipment were seized from the car.

On the morning of June 8, the Cyber ​​Police Detachment of Xinzhou Public Security Bureau arrested suspects Yang Mouyu and Yang Mou in Room 706 of the IKEA Business Express Hotel in Yuanping City, and seized a laptop computer and 9 cheating equipment headphones that were receiving and forwarding answers to the college entrance examination. , 7 earphone receivers, 7 coils, and one "rubber".

Cheating activities show the trend of groupization, specialization and networking

According to Zhang Xiangdong, director of the Publicity and Education Center of the Shanxi Provincial Radio Administration, in recent years, although the state has continued to strengthen the investigation and crackdown on cheating in exams, "the moral is one foot high, and the devil is one foot high", and some cheating activities have begun to appear group-based and professional. the trend of Internetization and networking.

The person in charge of the Internet Police Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province said that these cheating gangs have formed a "one-stop service", attracting customers, purchasing equipment, organizing answering questions, selecting transmission points, and transmitting answers. Their hiding places are also very hidden, such as hotels, Internet cafes, cars, high-rise building roofs, etc., and there are often special people to follow and follow, and even cheaters choose motor vehicles to cheat, or constantly change the location to cheat, which increases the number of investigations and punishments. difficulty.

In addition, the tools of cheating gangs are constantly being renovated. In the showroom of the Shanxi Provincial Radio Administration, there are all kinds of cheating tools seized in recent years, from traditional hand-held transmitters to new transmitters, from split devices to today's all-in-one devices. There are various kinds of receiving devices. There are common voice receiving devices that are placed in pockets or wrapped around the body and rely on invisible earphones to receive; there are new digital receiving devices that are embedded in erasers, rulers, and writing pens with high camouflage; Higher dedicated belt receiver. Candidates can use such devices to evade metal detectors.
"Unattended radio stations have also begun to be used by these cheating gangs." Zhang Xiangdong said that such radio stations are mostly installed on the roofs of high-rise buildings, with long transmission distance, wide coverage, and difficult direction finding and positioning. Not only is it difficult to completely cut off cheating signals, but also because The scene is unguarded, and most cheaters are exempt from the risk of being penalized.

Most of the cheating behaviors are mainly administrative punishments

The relevant person in charge of the Shanxi Provincial Radio Communication Administration believes that the situation of illegal use of radio equipment to cheat is becoming more and more serious, and the investigation and punishment of the root cause of radio cheating must be strengthened. First, led by the government, with the participation of relevant departments such as industry and commerce, quality supervision, public security, radio management, etc., to strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal production, sales, and dissemination of radio cheating equipment, and eliminate the development, production, sales and circulation of radio cheating equipment from the source. The second is to take technical measures to rectify the advertisements of "assistance for exams", "guarantees" and "equipment sales" on the Internet and the information that conveys answers, and cut off the dissemination channels of cheating information.

Some experts also believe that to prevent high-tech cheating, it is not only necessary to keep pace with the times in technology, but also to start from the root causes and carry out relevant legislation and system design.

Zhang Tianhong, Dean of the Law School of Shanxi University, said that the frequent occurrence of cheating in exams has a certain relationship with the weaker legal punishment. At present, there is no legislation at the legal level that specifically regulates exams. Punishment shall be imposed in accordance with the Measures for Handling" and the temporary regulations issued by the Ministry of Education; if a crime is constituted, the crime shall be punished in accordance with the Criminal Law and the Secrecy Law. However, these punishments are mainly administrative punishments, which are low in intensity and difficult to deter cheaters. The legal provisions on cheating in exams should be improved as soon as possible, and legal weapons should be used to deter cheaters.

In addition, many educators suggest that we should establish and improve the integrity system, strengthen integrity education, and prevent cheating in exams from the source of ideas.