The Public Security Bureau uses backpack signal jammers to strengthen information security protection in special areas of Beijing

Dojammer 2022-11-22

Today's information security work defense is imminent, especially now that information technology is becoming more and more advanced, and the emergence of many high-tech equipment makes information protection work more and more difficult. Now many units in various regions are making great sacrifices in order to prevent the security facilities from being breached in special areas.

Just this year, in order to further promote the implementation of confidentiality work in special areas and ensure the security of secret information in special areas of various units, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Department has strengthened measures, focusing on educational information awareness, strict systems and disciplines, and strong technical prevention. The Public Security Department uses high-tech security equipment such as backpack signal jammers, attaches great importance to governance and rectification, and comprehensively consolidates the foundation of security and prevention.

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1. Strengthen the publicity and education of confidentiality, conscientiously implement the termination of the tasks of the city leaders, and firmly establish a "network firewall". The Public Security Department has always included confidentiality education in its ideological education program, making full use of classic cases and relevant laws and regulations, and adopting methods such as centralized education, special counseling, exchanges and discussions, and watching warning videos, so that soldiers can fully understand the situation of confidentiality and violations of regulations. The serious threats on the Internet have further enhanced the concept of security precautions among soldiers and built a solid ideological foundation for security precautions.

2. Conscientiously implement the rules and regulations, and create a "safe box" of management methods. Always put confidentiality work as a security focus on the work agenda, and combine it with daily work and daily life rules and regulations. Regularly check the specific number of confidential computers and mobile storage media, the status of confidentiality management methods, and whether classified and centralized storage of confidential documents is carried out to carry out comprehensive physical examinations to detect and eliminate potential safety hazards of leakage as early as possible. Strengthen the control of mobile phones, open the backpack signal jammer in all directions, and disconnect the confidential information from the mobile phone.

3. Strengthen the scientific research of information content and create a technical "isolation fence". Increase the construction of security facilities, standardize the security equipment and software such as mobile phone signal shielding cabinets, backpack signal shielding devices, crushers, and "logo watermarking system and confidentiality intelligent management system", build a network disinfection service platform with the help of local area networks, and strengthen the The construction of security methods really builds a strong security defense.

The backpack type signal jammer can effectively prevent 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 2.4G, wifi signals, and can perfectly prevent the occurrence of information security problems.

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