Market Trend Axial Report on Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Dojammer 2022-11-22

Along with the liberalization of policies, the State Secrecy Bureau will work with the Radio Management Committee, Sichuan-Chongqing Jiaotong University and other organizations to formulate the first national standard "Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Signal Shielding Instruments for Confidential Conferences". Experts pointed out that the mobile phone signal jammer market has a huge development space, and the development opportunities in the industry are extremely broad. At this stage, the number of mobile phones in the world has exceeded 5 billion. According to statistics, the demand for mobile phone signal jammers is one percent of the total number of mobile phone users. In other words, every 100 mobile phone users will be matched with a mobile phone signal jammer User, this user may be a safe place, a confidential place, a quiet place, or a public place or an individual.

20 Antennas Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Mobile phone signal jammers can be widely used in places closely related to people's lives in addition to high-end places such as factories, party, government, military, judicial organs, financial industry, and company secrets. Experts pointed out that based on the analysis of the main uses that can be seen at present, the market capacity of mobile phone signal jammers can reach tens of billions of yuan.

With the rapid development of communication network technology, high-tech security companies are required to develop and innovate, and continuously and steadily develop their own capabilities to cope with various tests. The wide and comprehensive popularization of mobile phones not only brings convenience and speed to people, but also brings new problems to the work of communication security and confidentiality, such as monitoring, leaking, derailment in the examination room, medical malpractice disputes, and explosions at gas stations. The marketing promotion and application of mobile phone signal jammers. Mainly used in examination rooms, prison cells, gas stations, avoiding mobile phone bombs, petrochemical plants, liquefied gas stations, detention centers, inquiry rooms, people's courts, labor education centers, conference halls, cinemas, cathedrals, public libraries, school dormitories, Unique safe and confidential places (secret document office, reception hall, mobile vehicle, mobile political and commercial), etc.

The Public Security Bureau uses backpack signal jammers to strengthen information security protection in special areas of Beijing Does the use of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room affect the normal performance of candidates?