What is the purpose of installing a mobile phone signal jammer in the ATM automatic deposit and withdrawal area?

Dojammer 2022-04-27

Nowadays, there are ATM automatic teller machines near various bank branches and major shopping malls. In some of these areas, mobile phone signal jammers are installed and used. What is going on? Is it necessary to block mobile phone signals in the area of ​​ATM automatic deposit and cash machine?

In fact, this is a kind of technical safeguard measure taken by the management department of the bank against the illegal means of some illegal persons: a low-power cell phone signal jammer is installed near the ATM automatic deposit and cash machines, and the Only a small area in front of the ATM is screened for mobile phone signals. There are two purposes: one is to prevent customers from being remotely guided by mobile phones when depositing and withdrawing money, and the other is to prevent wireless signal transmitters that can secretly shoot and record near the device. The video or photo of the customer's password input is transmitted to the outside, resulting in the leakage of the withdrawal password.

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Some customers, especially middle-aged and elderly customers, are easily induced by telecommunication fraud, and they often transfer their deposits to the other party through the ATM automatic deposit machine step by step according to the other party's steps and requirements during the process of calling the fraudsters. For the designated account, when there is a mobile phone signal jammer near the device, the communication of the fraudsters can be interrupted in a timely manner in the last step of deposit and transfer, so as to win a certain time for customers to reflect and stop losses in time.

Similarly, some criminals will use secret camera and secret recording equipment to secretly photograph the process of entering passwords when customers deposit and withdraw money. The mobile phone signal blocker will also prevent these secret photography processes in time, thereby improving the security during the deposit and withdrawal process.

In addition, it should be reminded that: ATM automatic deposit and withdrawal equipment is generally located in densely populated areas. Therefore, it is recommended that the transmission power of the mobile phone signal jammer installed should not be too large, otherwise it will easily cause the shielding of the mobile phone signal jammer. The scope extends too much, and it should avoid affecting the normal communication of nearby ordinary merchants.

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