How to design the smart blocker solution for multiple conference rooms?

Dojammer 2022-04-27

Some government agencies or conference centers have multiple conference rooms distributed on various floors. When these conference rooms are doing mobile phone signal shielding projects, the customer proposes to install intelligent shielding devices. Then, the intelligent shielding in the scenario of multiple meeting rooms How should the device program be designed?

The first is the product selection of the intelligent isolator, which is very critical, because the final effect of the design scheme is closely related to the function of the selected intelligent isolator. For example, it has the function of intelligent networking, has the function of remote switch control, has the function of remotely adjusting the transmit power of the intelligent shielding device, and has a unified main control software platform, etc.

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Secondly, it is necessary to carefully analyze the layout, area and decoration of multiple conference rooms. It is necessary to design a suitable installation location for the smart isolator in advance. It is necessary to consider whether the smart isolator can completely cover the entire conference room. Affects surrounding rooms or other units. Here, it needs to be reminded that the factors to be considered for the installation position of the smart isolator include but are not limited to: the installation height of the device should not be too low or too high, there should be no steel-concrete wall or metal material barrier, and it should not be next to the sound box. , microphone,, amplifier, camera and other electronic equipment, can not be too close to the seats of the participants......

If the area of ​​the conference room is large, it is necessary to consider the cellular networking of multiple smart jammers to achieve complete coverage of the shielded signal. The installation locations of multiple smart jammers need to provide power sockets and network interfaces.

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