Full Band WiFi Jammer 2.4GHZ/5.2GHZ/5.8GHZ U Disk


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W6 Pro is the latest U-disk wifi jammer, which can interfere with full-band wifi, with a shielding range of 2-10 meters. It uses USB and OBD power supply to achieve 7*24 hours of interference. It has an LCD display and is suitable for bedrooms and classrooms. , the best choice for small-scale interference places, will not affect mobile phone communication.

Interference frequency:
WIFI2.4G: 2400-2500MHz
WIFI5.2G: 5125-5350MHz
WIFI5.8G: 5725-5850MHz

Power supply mode: USB/OBD
Interference radius: 2-10m (depending on the signal strength in a given area)
color: White
Size: 7.6*3.8*1.6cm
Weight: 100g

Package includes: W6 Pro WiFi Jammer*1