Suitable for jammers of all frequencies used by the remote control

Dojammer 2021-05-03

I need to know if I can stop the neighbor’s car alarm? He bought it two days ago and I already hate it! I can't sleep because it is really noisy. I don't know what caused it, but his car was parked in the garage next to my window.

You know, the lock itself can't do anything, but we have a way to help you. In the United States, most car alarms transmit signals to accessories at a specified frequency. The required frequency is 315 MHz, which is a standard in the United States.

The only way to stop the neighbor's car from alarming is to block the 315 MHz frequency. Our dedicated signal jammer will affect the car like this: your neighbor will not be able to activate the loud alarm. But please be careful not to block this frequency all the time, because your neighbor will not be able to deactivate the alarm.

cell Signal Jammers

Our jammer can work within a range of 25 meters, and will also interfere with all remote controls in the range, including TV remotes, toy remotes, air conditioner remotes, garage door remotes, etc.

If you think your neighbor’s car lock is not made in the United States or Canada, you can try a general car lock. The universal jammer is suitable for all frequencies used by the remote control.

Be careful when using jammers and get a good night's sleep!

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