Is the radiation of the mobile phone signal jammer large?

Dojammer 2022-06-28

We often see mobile phone signal jammers installed in classrooms or conferences. Many people worry that their radiation will be large and affect their physical and mental health. In fact, this time is relatively redundant. Generally speaking, the power of mobile phone signal jammers belongs to low-power jammers, only about ten watts, and they will not be turned on for many years. All the health effects on the human body can be ignored, like People use mobile phones, which are also in low radiation.

In some prisons, signal jammers will be installed with high-power signal jammers in order to achieve a certain range of shielding effects. If the human body is in this environment for a long time, it will still have some impact on the human body. Signal jammers from regular manufacturers (such as wireless signal jammers from Lingxin Technology) are required for jammers, which are technically mature and have passed the safety certification of authoritative testing agencies to meet qualified quality standards. Reduce radiation while providing shielding effect.

12 Bands Powerful Jammer

Let's introduce two mobile phone signal jammer products:

DHO0532 digital signaling level low power is a high-performance mobile phone signal blocker independently developed and produced by Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is different from the traditional co-frequency suppression method. It adopts digital technology and is a product that integrates signal shielding and monitoring and management. By shielding the downlink signal of the mobile phone, the role of monitoring the illegal use of the mobile phone in the coverage area can be realized, and it can support the shielding of mobile phones of different standards, and will not interfere with the uplink of the base station.

In the shielded area, it can effectively block the mobile communication services of various operators, including voice, data, SMS and other services. Its various operators include China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom. The network standard includes 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G.

DHO0543 digital signaling level cell phone signal jammer is a high-performance cell phone signal jammer independently developed and produced by Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. Different from the traditional co-frequency suppression method, DHO0543 digital signaling level cell phone signal jammer adopts digital technology. While reducing power consumption and radiation, the range of signal shielding is greatly improved.

Independent frequency band shielding is controllable;

At the same time, it realizes the shielding function;

According to the field strength environment, the shielding range is 1~30 meters;

The power of the shielding output is adjustable to improve the accuracy of coverage;

Adopt TCP/IP transmission mode, unified platform management;

With anti-theft, power failure, fault and other alarm functions;

It will not affect other electronic instruments and avoid false alarms;

Low power and low radiation, harmless to human body, green and environmental protection;

TDD works synchronously to ensure that it does not interfere with the base station;

Effective shielding area of ​​a single system: ≥1500㎡;

TDD system synchronization sensitivity RSRP≤-105dBm;

TDD system synchronization accuracy error≤10us;

Each frequency band supports an independent switch, and the device supports the function of automatic debugging after power-on. After the output power is set, the device keeps the set power output when the input level is above the minimum input level.

Use the scene
Audiovisual venues: theaters, cinemas, concerts, libraries, recording studios, auditoriums;

Security and privacy: prisons, courts, examination rooms, conference rooms, funeral homes, government agencies, financial institutions, embassies, etc.;

Health and safety: industrial plants, production workshops, gas stations, gas stations, hospitals.