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How to obtain a high-power WIFI signal jammer?

Dojammer 2021-11-05

Nowadays, people have very strict requirements on many signal interference equipment. Of course, everyone needs to obtain equipment that can meet their requirements at a preferential price, and at the same time design high-tech and powerful interference functions. Come to Texin Electronics, you will have the opportunity to obtain high-quality signal interference equipment.

After widely using different types of signals in daily life, it is really necessary and necessary to avoid negative effects on the signal in work or daily life. This is why more and more signal interference with good designs and new designs The equipment is well received by people. And now the newly designed 12-antenna signal jammer is really very powerful, just in this paragraph, the real example of this high-power 12-antenna signal jammer will be introduced to you here, you have the opportunity to look through the following content in detail This kind of high-power multi-purpose signal blocker is introduced.

First, just look at the name of this high-power multifunctional signal blocker, and then you will know that the full name of this example is "16W 12-antenna high-power desktop 3G 4G 5G mobile phone Bluetooth jammer", which of course is designed with 12 antennas And observing the interference frequency band you will of course be attracted by it, because this high-power 12-antenna signal interference device can cut off the signal time of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G 5G LTE 4G Wimax WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time, which is really powerful. On the other hand, the shielding range of this desktop WiFi 3G 4G 5G mobile phone jammer is also very strong, because the interference range can be up to 100 meters in detailed places based on the intensity of the information.

Mobile phone signal jammers were also invented to help people who are interfered by 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signals. For those who are looking for high-power signal jammers, they can get good access rights here.

It is useless to say too much, and then just take a look at this real example "16W high-power desktop 12-antenna WiFi 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signal jammer", and then take a look at a brief introduction of its functions and capabilities. Soon you will know that this is a desktop WiFi Bluetooth 5G mobile phone jammer. It is designed with 8 antennas and can cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time. In this case, this high-power desktop phone WiFi jammer has both the capability of a mobile phone jammer and a WiFi Bluetooth signal blocker, which is really powerful.

Therefore, due to the design of the high-quality cooling fan system, this 3G 4G 5G WiFi Bluetooth signal blocker can always maintain a good working condition, and can easily reach the goal of 24/7 uninterrupted work. Therefore, 16W high power is also used in this high-power 5G WiFi Bluetooth signal jammer, so that the interference distance of the desktop WiFi Bluetooth 5G mobile phone jammer can reach 100 meters, depending on the intensity of the detailed information, which is really great and powerful.

In addition, there are many other styles of high-power advanced signal blockers. If you need high-quality and good-priced products, then you can come here to view more and choose one.