Does the fleet escort only need the mobile phone blocker to block the mobile phone signal?

Dojammer 2022-02-18

In a project where a customer consults a fleet escort, from the perspective of saving project investment costs, is it only necessary to configure a cell phone shielding device for shielding mobile phone signals?

First of all, what is the purpose of the project? The importance and stake in this, and who is the main and who is the second, should be clear. When guarding the fleet, what needs to be guarded against is the remote control of explosive devices along the road. If only a mobile phone shielding device is configured to block mobile phone signals, it can only play a role in remote control through mobile phones, shielding and cutting off mobile phones and remote control. Communication links between explosives. It should be expected that terrorists will only choose mobile phones for remote control? Of course not, there are many ways of remote control, which may include at least remote control, walkie-talkie, drone and so on.

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It can be seen that if the mobile phone shielding device that only blocks the mobile phone signal is used, it is definitely not enough to meet the needs of the fleet escort. And now the bad guy is not a fool, but if the bad guy with a little bit of thought, if the first time using the mobile phone method is unsuccessful, he knows that the mobile phone method will not work, and will be replaced by a remote control or drone another day. What should I do in this case? Therefore, our suggestion is that such a fleet escort project must include all possibilities, that is, directly select a full-band signal shielding device, so as not only to shield mobile phone signals, but also to achieve remote control, correct Talk about shielding and jamming of drones.