Four mistakes you should never make with your mobile phone!

Dojammer 2021-11-09

I saw an interview on the street before asking: I'll give you 10,000 yuan and let you not use mobile phones for a month. Are you willing?

A passerby answered: You can have no money, and no wife, but you must have a mobile phone!

I believe that many people’s answers are the same, including Bao, but recently saw a piece of news, but Bao, who was surfing on the front line without leaving the phone, was very scared... The mobile phone explosion caused family casualties... I don’t know if you have paid attention to it.

In fact, accidents involving mobile phones exploding and spontaneously ignited every now and then. At this moment, I feel that what I am holding is not a mobile phone, but whether there is a time bomb!

1. So, what caused the explosion of the mobile phone?

1. The original charger is not used for charging

Nowadays, many merchants on the Internet sell some “counterfeit” chargers of substandard quality under the title of “original”. Because of the low price, some guys will choose to buy such chargers, although these chargers look like original ones. The same, but the quality is not guaranteed, and there is a risk of explosion when charging for a long time.

2. Press the phone under the pillow to charge

When the mobile phone is charging, it needs to dissipate heat. When the mobile phone is pressed under the pillow, it will not be airtight, which will easily cause the ambient temperature to be too high, which will make the battery heat up. When charging in an environment, the temperature in the battery will rise sharply, resulting in an increase in internal pressure. When the battery load is exceeded, it may cause an explosion. Therefore, when charging the mobile phone, it is best not to press the mobile phone and the charger under a pillow or place it in other high-temperature environments middle.

3. Charging while playing with your phone

When charging while playing with a mobile phone, it emits more heat than usual. The safe working temperature of a lithium battery is -20-60 degrees Celsius. Playing with a mobile phone while charging in summer can easily cause the temperature of our mobile phone to exceed the threshold of 60°C. When the lithium battery is kept in a working environment with abnormal temperature for a long time, it will damage the hardware of the mobile phone and affect the battery life. In the severe case, it may cause the mobile phone to explode.

2. What are the possible signs before the mobile phone explodes?

1. The phone suddenly gets hot

Normally, the mobile phone is hot, let it "calm down, calm down" and it will not be hot, but the hot phone before the explosion is because the mobile phone has not been used for a long time, but it quickly heats up.

2. The phone can't be charged suddenly

The batteries nowadays are built-in batteries. Maybe they are broken and invisible. If they can’t be charged, it means there may be something wrong.

3. The phone frequently turns on itself

Frequent self-starting indicates that the mobile phone is in a state of high-speed operation. This process will release more heat and may also cause a hidden danger of explosion.

4. The data cable becomes soft when charging

The softening of the charging cable indicates that the battery current is unstable and the internal heat is being generated, and the mobile phone may also explode.

Although explosions and electric shocks are small probability events, we must be vigilant. If something happens, no one can bear the consequences! Therefore, try to play as little as possible while the phone is charging. If you must play, you have to use original accessories. Also, once the phone gets hot, stop and let it dissipate heat.

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