Will the interference signal emitted by the cell phone jammer interfere with the LoRa signal?

Dojammer 2022-03-21

If you want to know whether the mobile phone shielding device will interfere with the LoRa signal, you must first understand what the LoRa signal is. LoRa is a low-power local area network wireless standard created by semtech. LoRa (Long Range Radio) long-distance radio. Its biggest feature is that it can travel farther than other wireless methods under the same power consumption conditions, achieving low power consumption and Long-distance unification, it expands 3-5 times the distance of traditional wireless radio frequency communication under the same power consumption. The working frequency band of LoRa includes 433, 868, 915MHz, etc. Because of the low frequency and excellent diffraction performance, it can transmit 2-5 kilometers in urban environments.

cell Signal Jammers

After understanding the LoRa signal, you can see that the frequencies used by the LoRa signal are 433, 868, 915MHz, and then we will understand the basic principle of the mobile phone jammer. The signal emitted by the phone jammer is a white noise signal in the same frequency band as the mobile phone signal. In the field of use, the signal strength of this white noise is higher than that of the mobile phone signal, so the mobile phone blocker can block the mobile phone on the scene. On the contrary, the mobile phone blocker cannot block the mobile phone signal on the use site.

The frequency band of the signal emitted by the mobile phone jammer is as follows:


GSM: 930-960MHz

DCS: 1805-1880MHz

FDD: 1880-1920MHz

TD-SCDMA: 2010-2025MHz

WCDMA: 2110-2170MHz

LTE1: 2300-2390MHz

LTE2: 2515-2675MHz

It can be seen that the frequency band of the signal transmitted by the mobile phone jammer does not overlap with the frequency band of the LoRa signal, so it will not cover the frequency band of the LoRa signal, so the signal emitted by the mobile phone jammer will not interfere with the LoRa signal.