The GPS jammer has a frequency

Dojammer 2022-01-24

Have you ever encountered the danger of illegal surveillance? Have you been notified by an unauthorized person when you were driving to the supermarket, driving in a children's school or driving on a date? Or have you ever thought about it? GPS jammers will help you escape from the danger of tracking. GPS unit is very beneficial for our modern life. When we get lost, it helps us find the shortest route. It helps us in many other areas, like search and rescue. But to do this, we need it first, which means everyone has a chance to find their place. This means that we can be found illegally. To save ourselves, in order to avoid illegal tracking dangers, we have developed GPS jammers. Homemade gps jammer can effectively affect the GPS signal, so all the GPS jammers in a certain place can receive or send signals and thus cannot work.

We have developed many portable cell phone jammer. The first is our handheld and portable dual frequency mini jammer with built-in antenna. Its randomization range is from 2 to 10 meters. It is a best selling GPS jammer at a price of only 100 euros. It is extremely portable, and the weight of the jammer itself is only 500 grams. The compact size makes it a low power consumption jammer, each battery can last about 2 hours. What's more, this GPS jammer has a frequency of 1500-1600 MHz. It looks like a cell phone and you might be fooled by its appearance. In short, this mini portable handheld speaker with built-in antenna is designed for daily life and is very popular with ordinary users.

Mini Hidden 4 Antennas Jammer

The second is our mobile jammer with 5 antenna GPS locators, mobile phones and WiFi. This portable signal jammer is a powerful and powerful device that can disable all WiFi networks, GPS devices and mobile phone signals in GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth bands. Portable size and simple design make it very easy to use and portable.

In addition, we introduce the most powerful low-power portable signal jammer with GPS function, and the cost of the mobile phone is only 80 euros. Blocks GPS signals and cell phone signals on GSM and 3G. Its scrambling code coverage can reach 15 meters. Improved design and internal cooling system allow continuous operation for long periods of time.

The above three handheld GPS jammers are very popular with our customers. In addition to this, we have also developed a mini-compact portable car GPS signal. Visit our website for more details. We are the most trusted supplier of jammers and offer the best jamming products. In our product list, there are more than 200 kinds of jammers, from mobile jammers, GPS jammers, WiFi jammers and all other fields. Do you need a good GPS jammer? Do you need to get rid of the ensuing danger? Need a vacation that the boss isn't tracking? Come to us to choose a reliable GPS locker.