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What does "jam" a drone mean?

Dojammer 2021-12-04

Pilots use remote controls to connect to their drones and direct their flight path, but radio signals between the remote and the drone may be interrupted. A generic term for this deliberate disruption of the radio signal is called interference. Current drone blocking frequencies mainly include: GPS WIFI (WiFi2.4G /5G/5.8G)

Interference specifically refers to the intentional use of a transmission blocking signal to disrupt communications between a drone and the pilot.

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Once a person blocks a drone, they can force them to do the following:

Land in place, interrupting all further movement.

Return to the "original" location. This is a normal function of a drone with GPS and a home locator function. It is designed so that if you lose connection, your drone will return to where it took off.
What happens to the drone after it is blocked? Is it safe?
Jamming is an incomplete countermeasure. There is no way to know the intended flight path of the drone, or if it has been set to automatically hit a target without being interrupted. This is particularly dangerous if it is carrying a sensitive payload that could be dangerous in a collision, or if it is grounded and approached by security personnel without protective measures.

Drone Jammers do not locate the pilot, the flight path, and do not identify any characteristics of the drone or its payload. They are only used for the purpose of interfering with drone flight.