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Is it necessary to install a mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room?

Dojammer 2021-10-27

Mobile phones are an indispensable and important tool in our daily lives. However, with the widespread use of mobile phones, there have also been some problems that cannot be ignored, especially in some important occasions, such as important conference rooms. When we are in a meeting, if the mobile phone ringtone suddenly remembers, it is easy to affect the order of the meeting in the meeting room, interrupt the meeting process, cause dissatisfaction with others, and even make the meeting go off topic. In addition, if you answer the mobile phone during the meeting or frequently enter and leave the meeting place due to answering and calling the mobile phone, it will affect everyone's mood in the meeting, and even make the meeting place go in and out and make noise.

In addition, the mobile phone can easily turn into a "bug" in the conference room, posing a threat to the security of secret information. With the development of science and technology, the positioning, tracking and monitoring of mobile phones have become important reconnaissance methods and sources of intelligence in countries all over the world. As long as the mobile phone is carried in secret-related places, whether it is used or turned on, it is extremely likely to cause leakage of secrets and cause serious harm to units or individuals, even the party and the state.

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How to effectively prevent mobile phone abuse and leaks caused by mobile phones in meetings? It is recommended to install and use a mobile phone signal jammer in the venue. How does the cell phone signal jammer shield the mobile phone signal?

The principle of the cell phone signal jammer is to interfere with the downlink signal of the base station, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding the mobile phone signal. At present, there are two ways to interfere with the downlink signal of the base station. One is high-power suppression, which is to use a device to send out 2\3\4\5G and white noise signals in the same frequency band as the base station signal to submerge the original signal of the base station. , So as to realize the shielding of mobile phone signals. This method is a traditional method and will interfere with the uplink signal of the base station. The other is the signaling-level intelligent shielding technology. This type of equipment is represented by ZXTY-GR03. The equipment scans the public network signal by scanning the antenna, and then blocks the public network base station signal through signaling-level instructions to simulate the public network base station signal to the environment Fake base station signals are transmitted internally to induce the mobile phone, thereby shielding the mobile phone signal. This kind of equipment has low power and good shielding effect, which is the development trend of the new generation of mobile phone signal jammers.

In important meeting rooms, it is necessary to use mobile phone signal jammers in confidential meeting rooms. Borrowing the excellent shielding effect of signal jammers can make mobile phones useless and effectively prevent someone from illegally using mobile phones to shoot or record the meeting. The audio is more beneficial to protect important content.