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A mobile phone signal jammer suitable for home, allowing children to concentrate on learning!

Dojammer 2021-08-02

As a social tool in modern life, mobile phones have been integrated into children's lives. When they returned home from school, many children left their homework aside and swiped their mobile phones, played games, or kept watching small videos. No matter what the parents said, it didn't work, leaving many parents at a loss.

Someone once said: "If you want to destroy a child, just give him a mobile phone." For adults, the mobile phone may be something that cannot be separated from it, because work and life must be solved through a mobile phone.

But for children, mobile phones seem to be of little significance to them. Most children use mobile phones just to play games, watch dramas, and so on. With a mobile phone and the Internet, the world of colorful flowers is right in front of you. The children are curious, but their discrimination and self-control are poor, and they are very addictive.

When the exam was approaching, the parents set the time when they could play with their mobile phones in advance. The child promised, but he played secretly in the house until late at night. After being discovered, the adult hid the router and disconnected the network cable, but he did not expect the child to have a way to crack the neighbor’s WiFi signal password...

What should we do? Some parents simply choose a cell phone signal jammer, which secretly shields the signal at home in a noise-free environment, which is simple and rude, allowing children to concentrate on their studies. However, there are many signal shielding products on the market, and the quality is uneven. How should we choose? Recommend two mobile phone signal jammers suitable for home~

For household use, the general area is not too large, and a low-power signal jammer is enough. The MDPB-02 enhanced 5G mobile phone signal jammer from China Mingda​, the shielding area is fifty to sixty square meters, and the child’s room is not large. One is enough. It can effectively shield cell phone signals (CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G, 4G, 5G) and WIFI (WLAN), Bluetooth/2.4G communication, wireless network, pinhole camera signals, and create a quiet learning environment for children.

12 Bands Signal Jammer

There is also a MDPB-9X full-band signal jammer. This jammer is a high-tech product carefully developed in accordance with the continuous development of communication standards and based on the actual conditions of foreign mobile communications. It can be 1 to 20 meters in a straight line, about 10-200 square meters, and the shielding range can be adjusted according to the different sites required. And the effect of wall penetration is better. Parents can install the equipment in the next room without worrying about damage by the child. Can work continuously for 24 hours, built-in antenna 10 channels, total transmission power 30W, using directional antenna to prevent interference.