What are the advantages and application prospects of the mini wifi signal jammer?

Dojammer 2022-08-27

Want to cut off WiFi and bluetooth without anyone else knowing it was you that cut the signal, any good ideas would help with the goal? Now the answer is of course only attainable with goals like a hidden mini bluetooth jammer, just here Can provide you with an unmissable opportunity to get a high-quality mini WiFi jammer.

While there are many handheld WiFi bluetooth signal jammers on the market that block WiFi bluetooth signals, it may not seem that easy to find a hidden style, but just in this passage you will gain access. Check out the hidden mini bluetooth jammer that has the features you need. Then, just take a look at the details of this "Mini Handheld WiFi Jammer with Internal Antenna" as shown below.

Mini cell phone jammer

This mini WiFi jammer is only used to interfere with 2400-2500MHz WiFi Bluetooth signal, and the output power is 0.5W. The output power of this handheld WiFi bluetooth signal blocker is not strong, but due to the use of ultra-high frequency and micro-power interference technology, the efficiency is high, and the effective interference range of this hidden mini bluetooth jammer can reach 20 meters.

And designed for palm size, whether you want to hold the hidden mini bluetooth jammer in hand or just keep it in your pocket, you can easily get there. Also, since the car charger also comes with this hidden mini bluetooth jammer, it can also charge while people are driving.

Does the network version of the mobile phone signal jammer only have the switch function? Reasonable and compliant use of mobile phone signal jammers, communication and shielding are correct