How to find jammers to prevent cheating on written exams

Dojammer 2022-03-25

This year is the "Honesty Test Advertising Year" in our province. Before the start of the test, each candidate received a reminder SMS on their mobile phone from the National Directorate for Personnel and Social Security to take the integrity test. According to the person responsible for the state personnel examination institute, a number of measures were taken this year to prevent fraud in written examinations. The first is the provincial citizen information office to check the candidates' IDs on the spot to prevent the phenomenon of taking the test. The second is to configure a radio signal truck to look for radio signals in the investigation room and immediately jam them and make on-site arrests if found. the third is How to Find signal Jammers to place in the exam room to prevent candidates from relaying information; The fourth is to increase the monitoring intensity and strengthen the manpower to patrol the investigation room. In addition, the candidates are not allowed to hand in their work for this year's examination in advance and must leave the examination room once the examination period for the subject has ended. This is also to prevent candidates who submit papers in advance from leaking exam questions during the exam. We provide a safe environment. The main telecom networks in most countries are 3G and 4G. Cut down a large speaker on a nearby train. Interfering with 2G 3G Cellular Signals. Important WLAN radio shielding is multifaceted. You can disconnect the mobile phone from its mobile base station. This is a nuisance to other users who are often disturbed by chatting on the phone.

5 Bands Signal Jammers

However, the news "perhaps due to 5G signal shielding gaps" immediately drew attention from the internet. Netizens mainly focused on two points: Right now, 5G cell phones and 5G signals are not new. Why do the investigation rooms involved in the incident have signal shielding gaps? Is such an omission a case or does it also exist in other examination rooms? As per regulations, large exams will have How To Find Jammers installed in the test center to shield electronic signals and prevent possible electronic fraud. In this context, an operator technical person is the introduced person.