Handheld WiFi Wireless Network Jammer

Dojammer 2022-03-02

This wifi jammer machine adopts single-channel output, which can be isolated within a radius of 5 to 10 meters, 2.4G+5.1G, but will not interfere with the work of other electronic teaching equipment, thus ensuring the safety of the required place, and the mobile phone is away from the isolation range. It can be restored to normal use without any damage to the human body.

Effectively prevent 2.4G+5.1G, protect your privacy and information confidentiality. Small size, high power, light weight, large coverage, easy to carry. Green and environmentally friendly, the electromagnetic field strength is far lower than the national standard, and has no impact on the human body. Simple operation, built-in antenna, it can run automatically when power is turned on.

High Power Portable blocker

Party and government or national key secret places, families to prevent children from indulging in wireless networks, office places where the use of wifi is prohibited.

Effectively shield WiFi2.4G+5.1G signal;

Using industrial-grade power supply, equipped with high-precision voltage regulator circuit, even if the voltage fluctuation is relatively large, it will not affect the normal operation of the host;

Resistant to high temperature environment, can quickly transfer heat to the heat dissipation base to prevent the accumulation of heat;

It can continuously start the application for years and months, with stable performance and long service life; built-in ultra-quiet fan, the fan speed can be adjusted; there is no noise at all during operation.