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Mobile phone wireless earphone jammer has become the new favorite of the school

Dojammer 2022-01-25

As a substitute for the early cell phone signal jammer, the mobile phone wireless earphone jammer product has completely surpassed the effect of only shielding the mobile phone signal.

Nowadays, cheating methods emerge in an endless stream in the examination room, and they are no longer limited to cheating by using mobile phone text messages. They completely avoided the mobile phone frequency band, and the traditional mobile phone signal jammers had no effect on them. The school leaders and teachers were very embarrassed. Many students use them to cheat in general examinations, and they don't know how the students' real learning is. Then there are some higher-level examinations, such as the college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, civil service examination, English CET 4 and 6, and so on. Cheating incidents have occurred frequently across the country, and teachers and leaders of education departments have also been implicated.

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So Dojammera Technology Co., Ltd.'s mobile phone wireless headset blocker has been successfully developed. It can completely block the wireless cheating devices (wireless headset, SMS eraser, SMS pen, SMS phone meter, etc.) used for cheating. Seamless masking. The product has been used very well in exams at all levels, completely solving the urgent needs of teachers and school leaders! Specific technical problems remain unchanged and detailed to prevent theft by illegal cheating equipment manufacturers. If you want to know more, please contact the company.