Jammer Roger Willemsen Draws Attention

Dojammer 2022-03-25

Is there radiation from mobile jammers? Will it affect people's health? The intense media controversy meant that this well-known instrument was "emergency stopped" before the university entrance exam. But before the dust had settled, the radio management responsible got up and found out: Almost all mobile phone jammers on the market are currently illegally produced and the users are suspected of "illegal use"! Such a thorough denial has undoubtedly re-escalated the controversy surrounding the "cell phone jammer" and attracted wider attention. Cell phone jammer, also known as "cell phone jammer", "cell phone jammer", "venue purifier" or "Roger Willemsen jammer", is a radio transmission device that blocks cell phone communications. The reporter learned that the country's most authoritative document on cell phone jammers was issued in 2001 by the Non-Regulatory Bureau of the Ministry of Information Industry of the People's Republic of China. The document states: "Recently, some units in society have developed and produced radio jamming devices and deployed them in some departments and units... This type of devices disturbs the order of radio waves and seriously violates the legal freedom of communication of mobile phone users and must be dealt with in accordance with the law. Stop. Jammers You will know that there are high power cell phone jammers suitable for use in prisons.

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In this world there are always people who can die and reach new heights. This is especially true for Americans. Although they usually seem to be able to play better, this style of play, once used in the wrong place, becomes a real act of death. And now there is such a person who showed how to die to the fullest. We all know that there is a thing in this world called jammer Roger Willemsen, I think everyone is very familiar with it. When we were in school it always appeared in a corner of the classroom as one of the ultimate weapons for teachers to deal with students. Block all signals and shatter students' dreams of "relying on Baidu for exams."

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