Wifi signal killer

Many users who use wireless signal jammer do not understand its working principle, and often exceed the frequency range when using it, which leads to poor use effects.

The working principle of mobile communication is that within a certain frequency range, wireless devices (mobile phones, etc.) communicate with the base station through radio waves, and complete the transmission of data and sound with a certain baud rate and modulation method. When the mobile phone communicates, it communicates with the base station through the uplink frequency, and then transfers the signal to the mobile service switching center to realize the call. In the standby state, the mobile phone communicates with the base station through the broadcast control channel. Once there is a call demand, it will be allocated to the mobile phone service channel according to the specific conditions of the channel near the terminal through the request, so that the mobile phone can jump to the service channel to realize the call and data transmission . At the same time, wireless communication must ensure a sufficient signal-to-noise ratio in order to receive effectively and complete the communication.

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This jammer you can choose to open or close the frequency band according to your needs. With a good heat dissipation system, it can block the mobile phone frequency band WIFI GPS.


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