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Where can the mobile phone jammer be used?

Dojammer 2021-07-24

In the current period of social development, the rate of information dissemination is faster, and sometimes it is necessary to block or block the dissemination of information content so as not to cause great damage and panic, and it is used in various examinations. , Some exams use wireless network electronic products to cheat, destroying the fair trade principles required for exams. Today, I will introduce some places where mobile phone jammers are used.

1. Generally, in some special companies, in order to avoid the leakage or transmission of information content, it is necessary to use a mobile phone blocker, and some are to prohibit the disclosure of some trade secret content, such as meetings of some technical core units or customer information, this time is inseparable I turned on the cell phone jammer.

2. Some government agencies also need mobile phone jammers, such as diplomatic conferences, or in order to ensure the efficient conduct of the conference, mobile phone signal jammers can concentrate the attention of the attendees.

3. In order to avoid the selfish and cheating of examiners, some large and medium-sized or technical professional national examinations must also use mobile phone shielding devices.

4. In order to avoid accidents caused by improper operation of petrochemical plants, gas stations and their gas station personnel, mobile phone signal jammers are also indispensable.

5. In order to prevent the personnel in the cell from communicating with the outside through abnormal means, some detention centers or large, medium and small cells also use mobile phone signal jammers.

6. Some audio-visual and video venues also need mobile phone signal jammers. It seems that theaters do not allow mobile phones to be brought in and the transmission of their signals in order to avoid fraudulent remakes.

The use of mobile phone shields will also be reflected in some large and medium-sized traditional festivals. Large and medium-sized traditional festivals have a relatively large flow of people. Generally, everyone likes to take pictures and post on WeChat Moments. It is very easy for the masses to lower their heads and play with their mobile phones. Stunned incidents due to poor flow of people.