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After using the signal jammer, there is still a signal, what could be the cause?

Dojammer 2022-01-12

After using the signal jammer, if you want to know how the use effect is, it mainly depends on whether the mobile phone has a display signal. If no signal is displayed, it means that it has been successfully blocked. If there is still a signal after using a signal jammer. What could be the reason for that? Let's take a look at the solution:

1. The mobile phone can be connected. If the mobile phone is connected to the phone normally, it means that the shielding area has not achieved effective shielding, and there is leakage. If it is close to the mobile phone, there is no signal, indicating that there is a base station or signal amplification at the location, and then indicating that if the currently used signal shielding If the device cannot meet the on-site shielding requirements, more high-power equipment can be installed.

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2. The mobile phone cannot be connected, indicating that the mobile phone is in a critical state. Generally, mobile phones with strong anti-interference and high sensitivity will have such a thing.

3. The mobile phone seems to have a signal, but it is a false signal, and the call cannot be made. It depends on the local signal strength. Where the signal is strong, the shielding distance of the signal blocker will be shortened, and the weak signal will shield the distance farther.

All of these reasons may cause the mobile phone to have a signal after using the signal blocker. We must make adjustments and control the distance between the mobile phone and the mobile phone when necessary. Of course, sometimes it is also affected by the local signal, which may affect the shielding effect.