How does the mobile phone shield realize through the wall shielding?

Dojammer 2022-01-24

In daily life, we will come into contact with signal jammers. For example, when exams, meetings, etc. require absolute quietness and confidentiality, signal jammers are usually used. There are also many customers who will ask how the mobile phone shield can achieve through-wall shielding? Does the power of the machine need to be large enough, or the wall is thin enough, or any other rigid requirements for the shielding site? Next, the editor of Dazhan Electronics will sort out the problem of how mobile phone shields can achieve through-wall shielding for you!

6 Bands Signal Jammer

1. The material of the wall

The wall is divided into brick-concrete, steel-concrete, and other materials, such as glass, wood, gypsum board, etc. The penetrating order of the mobile phone signal jammer to the wall: glass > gypsum board > wood > brick-concrete > steel-concrete wall .

Therefore, the wall made of reinforced concrete is the most difficult to penetrate and shield, and the glass is the easiest to shield through the wall.

2. The thickness of the wall

The thinner the wall, the stronger the penetration.

3. The frequency of the signal

The mobile phone signal jammer is composed of RF modules of different frequencies. The lower the signal frequency, the better the penetration to the wall, 800>900>1800>2100>2300>2600, etc. At present, the high frequency band of 5G is 4900-5000, which is more difficult to shield through walls.

4. The power of the RF module

The higher the power of the cell phone signal jammer module, the stronger the penetration. So if you need to shield through the wall, you still have to choose a mobile phone shield with more power!