The test signal jammer has been vigorously promoted and put into use

Dojammer 2022-03-03

The test signal jammer has been vigorously promoted and put into use The college entrance examination season is coming, and now the exam signal jammer can be seen in the examination rooms of major schools. Speaking of which, why more and more schools choose to install this kind of equipment? In fact, it will be popular only when there is demand. It is precisely because the problem of cheating has become more and more rampant in recent years, and the various cheating methods that appear frequently are frightening. In order to effectively curb the trouble of this cheating phenomenon, this A kind of shielding device specially used in the examination room was born. Its appearance has greatly helped many examination rooms, and it has been chosen by more and more people to prevent the occurrence of electronic signal cheating.

High Power Portable blocker

This test signal jammer can effectively shield the communication signals of 4G mobile phones, and can also provide effective shielding for 2.4G WIFI signals, so that people who are using mobile phones or some electronic products cannot receive and send within the shielding range. Any news, only this kind of guarantee can ensure a fair and stable order for the candidates who are struggling to take the test in the examination room, and this kind of test signal jammer is very quiet when used, will not cause any noise, and also It ensures that the examination room needs to be very quiet, and at the same time, this shielding method will not cause any harm to the human body, and candidates can answer the papers comfortably in it. If you want to choose a professional test signal jammer, you must choose the right professional manufacturer. Among them, there is a good recommendation. You are welcome to come to Lipitte to consult the price of the signal jammer. We can provide the most professional jammer and perfect selection. The purchase plan makes the customer's purchase very comfortable, and we look forward to the arrival of our customers.