How to prevent being a victim of eavesdropping?

Dojammer 2022-03-18

In the era of such developed Internet and rapid development of information technology, electronic eavesdropping equipment technology has also developed rapidly, and has been applied to all walks of life, from complex GSM equipment to low-end equipment such as FM and UHF. A few hundred yuan can buy a set of eavesdropping equipment, and then obtain important commercial confidential information of a company, causing damage and loss of profits to the company. signal jammer

When people are talking, the glass in the room will vibrate accordingly. Although we can't feel it, a laser is used to hit the talker's window, and the sound fluctuations generated by the conversation will resonate with the glass. The vibration of the light spot can be seen through a high-power telescope or lens, captured, and the sound can be restored through the frequency of the vibration and the algorithm.

With the help of high technology, there are only unexpected things in the field of surveillance and eavesdropping. Rockery, rocks, and street lamps may be equipped with eavesdropping equipment from intelligence agencies of various countries. It is recommended that you start protecting your privacy now.

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The following situations indicate the possibility of being eavesdropped

1. Static/weird sound from mobile device

2. Sound is refracted from your phone when you're not there

3. After answering the call, the other party is not present

4. Interference on TV, car radio, AM/FM radio

5. Your conversations are leaking from classified areas

6. Trade secrets are leaked to your competitors and employees

7. Service vehicles or company employees hanging out near the company

(1) First of all, we must pay attention to the confidentiality of confidential information sources

Strictly hold the "disaster from the mouth" this level. Various secrecy regulations of various countries have highlighted one item: do not talk about secrets that should not be discussed in public, and do not talk about or pass on secrets in an environment without security and confidentiality measures and in correspondence. These simple measures are simple and easy to implement in most cases, and the key is to have a strong sense of anti-eavesdropping.

Don't talk about secrets in the rooms of hotels and restaurants; don't talk about secrets in rooms where communication terminals such as telephones and computers are installed. If you must talk about secrets in an uncertain room, close the shutters to prevent laser eavesdropping, and turn up the volume on the radio or TV in the room so that the conversation is drowned out by the music or noise playing.

Don't talk about secret matters on unsecured phones, especially the mobile communication phones (big brother) that are used more now, their communication content is exposed to space radio waves without reservation, and it is easy to intercept this radio signal. If you must use non-confidential telephone communication, you must use signals or code words agreed upon or mutually understood by both parties.

(2) The following activities have convenient conditions for installing bugs, so be vigilant:

Receive gifts, do not put them in a room where they may talk about secrets without testing;

Take extra care when customizing or repairing furniture, appliances, and everyday items.

Pay close attention when repairing TV sets and telephone lines;

Usually household multi-hole power strips, ordinary watches, buttons, glasses, and small disguised car keys, pay attention to observation.

(3) The secrecy department must have preventive regulations and specific measures.

Important meeting rooms, offices, confidential rooms, etc., should be regularly checked against eavesdropping. Special tests are also required before important meetings.

The following matters need to formulate anti-theft requirements and specific standards:

Location selection of office building, surrounding environment, architectural design, construction, decoration, etc.;

Configuration of water, electricity, wind, heating, gas and other equipment;

Equipping of vehicles and other means of transportation;

Setup and installation of security, surveillance and alarm systems;

(4) Simple self-test method

Observation method: Regularly observe some hidden places where bugs are easy to install quickly, such as power sockets, telephones, and daily necessities close to you, to see if there are any signs of changes.

An easy way to self-check a drop-in phone bug: The user can make a mark on the transmitter or receiver of the phone. This mark should be hidden and known only to you. Periodically check to see if it has been replaced.

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