Is it necessary to turn off data traffic after connecting to Wi-Fi?

Dojammer 2022-01-27

Today's mobile phone data rates are already cabbage prices, but in line with the quality of diligence and thrift, many people are still used to connecting their mobile phones to Wi-Fi.

So the question is, is it necessary to turn off data traffic when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi?

In this regard, China Mobile's official Weibo made popular science:

Generally speaking, smartphones have a set of precise algorithms. When connected to Wi-Fi, the mobile phone will automatically use the Wi-Fi network first, without interfering with data. Also, Wi-Fi and mobile data are two different frequency bands that do not conflict with each other. Therefore, even if they are turned on at the same time, it will not affect the network speed.

It can be seen that in general, Wi-Fi and mobile data do not interfere with each other! In theory, there is no need to turn off data traffic when using Wi-Fi.

However, when the Wi-Fi is disconnected or the signal is not good, some smartphones will automatically switch to data traffic without prompting, so that you who are still indulging in live webcasts and video dramas are caught off guard and disconnected. By the time you react, you may have missed hundreds of megabytes of traffic.

How to break it? China Mobile said that the key is to change the mobile phone network settings:

For Android phones, go to [Settings]-[WLAN]-[Advanced] to enter the settings, modify the switching method between wireless network and mobile data, or turn off the automatic connection function, or choose to ask for prompts when connecting.

On the iPhone, go to [Settings]-[Cellular Data] to enter the settings, select the corresponding application in the drop-down menu, and set the network connection.

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