Do you know what are the three advantages of shortwave antennas?

Dojammer 2022-01-10

With the development of mobile network communication today, shortwave antennas are still loved by many people, but do you know why? Generally speaking, it is inseparable from the advantages of shortwave. Let’s learn about it with the editor of shortwave antenna manufacturers.

1. Shortwave is the only long-range communication method that is not bound by the network hub and active relay system. In the event of a war or disaster, various communication networks may be damaged, and satellites may also be attacked. Regardless of the communication method, its survivability and autonomous communication capabilities are incomparable with shortwave;

2. In mountainous areas, Gobi, ocean and other areas, ultra-short wave coverage is not available, mainly relying on short wave;

3. Compared with satellite communication, short-wave communication does not need to pay telephone charges, and the operating cost is low.

10 channels Signal Jammer

When many people choose a jammer, the shielding area is often a point of concern to many people. So what are the factors that affect the shielding area? Let's learn about it with the editor of the dojammer signal jammer manufacturer:

1) Output power

①The output power of the shield

②The performance of antenna radiation (antenna gain, directivity, etc.)


2) How the shielding works

Nowadays, mobile phones are all digital signals, and the anti-interference ability of digital signals is very strong. Generally, the effect of using analog signal technology to interfere with digital signals is poor. Therefore, digital signals must be used to interfere with digital signals. The interference effect is quite different. The jammer using digital jamming signal technology has lower power and higher efficiency than the jammer using analog signal jamming technology.

3) Indoor and outdoor are different

The synthesis, attenuation, reflection and other analysis of indoor mobile phone signals and interference signals are very complicated.

4) Before shielding, the signal strength and quality of the local space mobile phone have a great influence on shielding. Different mobile phones have different effects. Generally, mobile phones with strong ability to receive weak signals may not have good anti-interference effects.

5) The direction of the base station and the direction of the shielded area of ​​the mobile phone also affect the shielding effect.

6) Shielding distance and the characteristics of radio signal transmission distance. Now the shielding distance is simply discussed in terms of the attenuation of radio signal transmission in free space. According to the transmission theory formula, the signal strength is attenuated by 6db every time the radio wave transmission distance is doubled (the signal power is reduced by 4 times) ).

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