The use of jammers made the theater quiet

Dojammer 2021-10-08

There are various mobile WiFi jammers available. It is used in many places. This is a description of disruptive devices that apply to schools. This device is very popular in schools. There are good reasons. I heard a message in the classroom that the teacher had forcibly cut off the student's cell phone communication. I only used this device in class. The use of telephone jammers in classrooms is for educational purposes. Some students secretly use cell phones. Despite some caution, some students still use cell phones.

We believe this will disrupt classes and reduce the concentration of all students. The student ignored the teacher's speech. Many teachers try to stop sending messages in class. vain. Therefore, please use devices that can interfere with the telephone signal. In response to this situation, we will use deterrent devices. This product has an incoming call suppression feature. There is an exercise to help students improve their concentration.

You need to purchase a license. Certain requirements must be met.

During my school exams, I heard about cell phones being used to make canned food. It got a lot of attention. You need to submit an insurance policy. To avoid exam fraud, we will be installing telephone wave jammers on the school's exam site. Communication via mobile phones is prohibited. Set the student cellular service. No complicated operations. GPS Jammer can keep the test fair. The aim is to review the effectiveness of anti-fraud measures and their effects outside of class. It directly disrupts communication with cell phones and so on.

Bluetooth Jammer

In fact, we are confronted with reality in many places, and we also make use of the limited scope. It is a good idea to adjust the range of the cell phone jammer:


I've called the cinema a lot over the past few years. Bad call. In other words, in the middle of the movie, not only did the person's phone rang, but the problematic idiot answered the phone and continued the normal conversation as if everything was fine and there was no reason to commit a reasonable murder.

When the GPS jammer is used in a movie theater, the light is dim and will automatically turn off within 1 second. Audience, Broadway fans, movie audiences, etc. Don't worry about this rudeness.

Dining room workplace

There is no doubt that email and the Internet are essential in most offices. But what about the phone? In a survey by Pew Research, only 24% of adults work full-time or part-time, saying that a cell phone or smartphone is “very important” to get the job done. In other studies, 50% of bosses believe that cell phones are not conducive to improving work efficiency.

At home

Parents can try any parental control and monitoring software they want, but once children (or even spouses or grandparents) have the freedom of smartphones based on the dates in the plan, I wish you the best of luck and hope that I can have dinner with them and my family.

What should I do if recording equipment appears on important occasions? Signal jammers cannot be used privately in some areas