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The theater advocates the use of mobile phone signal jammers to return a piece of pure land

Dojammer 2021-04-24

I don’t know if you pay attention. Although mobile phones are a necessity in our lives, they have already caused us trouble. Even theaters advocate the installation of mobile phone signal jammers. You can pay more attention to it. Now our mobile phones cannot be used in many theaters. Sometimes there is no signal, and sometimes the signal is too strong and it cannot be connected. But as long as you walk out of the theater, the mobile phone will resume answering. For this reason, some people specifically complained to the communication operators and demanded compensation. In fact, our mobile phones are okay, and the communication network is okay. The "culprit" is nothing more than a palm-sized metal box, and its name is "cell phone jammer".

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The theater's move was really helpless. "Although before each performance, we will remind the audience through the broadcast more than once to turn off the mobile phone, BP machine or put it in a mute state, but the audience always forgets or simply ignores it." Answering the mobile phone during the performance. The largest is a theater that mainly performs music. The staff of Tianqiao Theater, Poly Theater, and Zhongshan Park Concert Hall told reporters that such situations often occur in them. The actors on the stage sang sad opera arias, and the audience actually rang the "Radessky March" joyously. Hexuan, once the conductor stopped the performance altogether. In the Capital Theater and Chang'an Grand Theater, which mainly perform dramas, another situation often occurs. Some people answer their mobile phones in the theater and talk to each other with a lowered voice. The content of the conversation can make them before and after. A dozen viewers on the left and right heard it clearly.

The emergence of mobile phone jammers allowed the theater to find a way to prevent pollution. It is understood that the price of shields installed in theaters now ranges from several thousand yuan. For this reason, the theater has to send someone to be responsible for the switch of the shield.

Nevertheless, it is hard to guard against. A person in charge of a theater said that when performing a symphony, we will use the shield, but when performing a drama, the actors wear a headset, and the shield will interfere with the headset, so we cannot turn it on. Another person in charge said that our shielding device was installed two years ago, and it works for 139 and 130 mobile phones, but it does not work for PHS and CDMA. Another theater has just completed the upgrade of the shielding device recently, and the manufacturer has also reserved a lot of sockets to cope with the continuous emergence of new technologies. After the theater was used, the effect was really good. Not only did the mobile phone signal in the theater disappear, but also the signal in the office area...

All the theaters interviewed are reluctant to talk about the topic of shielding devices. After investigation, they found that mobile phone shielding devices are used in many aspects, not only theaters, but also movie theaters, gas stations, examination rooms, etc.

Although the mobile phone jammer also caused some inconvenience to our communication, it also gave us peace. Everything has two sides. Mobile phones were opposed when they first started, but now people cannot do without it. So, let us work together to return the earth to a pure land!