Main functions and technical indicators of mobile phone signal jammer

Dojammer 2022-06-18

The mobile phone signal jammer scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high/end at a certain speed during the working process to achieve the purpose of use, but some users do not understand its specific functions and technical indicators, so the manufacturer Introduce it, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of equipment use.

mobile phone signal blocker

1. Main functions

1. The four-channel model can effectively shield CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS mobile signals.
2. It only shields the mobile phone signal and does not affect the normal operation of other electronic equipment.
3. Under normal circumstances, it is better to use it in places 200 meters away from the base station.
4. It can work stably for a long time after connecting to the power supply.
5. The slow start circuit design can avoid the spark phenomenon caused by the mechanical switch.

2. Main technical indicators

1. Effective shielding diameter: 10-100 meters.
2. Shielded signal bandwidth:
DCS: 1805-1880MHZ, 1900-1990MHZ, 2100-2200MHZ.
3. Working hours: uninterrupted and stable work for a long time.
4. Ambient temperature: -40℃ to +55℃
5. Relative humidity: 10% -- 95%
6. Power adapter: input AC 160V – 240V output DC 5V

The main functions and technical indicators of the mobile phone signal jammer have been explained in great detail above, so when users use it, in order to achieve satisfactory use efficiency, users can use the device according to the actual situation to avoid damage to the device.

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