Anti-UAV system refers to the system technology of UAV interception?

Dojammer 2022-01-21

Anti-UAV system refers to the system technology of UAV interception. Concerns about the potential security threats from drones have grown in recent years, as drones can pose a serious threat to civilian and military installations. In fact, new markets for counter-drone technology are emerging rapidly.

The automatic countermeasure system of drones is essential for the safety of important places and important meetings. How UAV countermeasures can actually work, however, is a topic that needs serious discussion. Different configurations should be made for different application scenarios, such as different occasions and different intrusion objects.

High-Power Drone Jammer

Anti-drone technology is centralized in 1 system software, but I think it can be divided into two categories: (1) detectors (2) defenders.

Some of the items called anti-drone tech are not really anti-tech, but just drone detectors. The system really can't do anything to stop the drone, just tell you where the drone is or where the operator is. Hopefully the police can find the drone operator and let him land the drone before anything happens.

As a national leading low-altitude intelligent security solution distributor, Dojammer has released a comprehensive solution to the problem of unmanned aircraft counterattack - anti-UAV system software. The system uses low radar, optoelectronic equipment and electromagnetic interference equipment to form a three-dimensional hardware security layout. Combined with Shenzhou Mingda Technology's UAV intelligent tracking and anti-control platform, it realizes real-time monitoring, early warning analysis and flexible processing of suspicious aircraft targets that violate regulations and illegally enter sensitive areas. , to prevent major vicious accidents, prevent airports, military bases, prisons.

Does drone control and operation drones have to pass training? UAV countermeasures are undoubtedly an important means of UAV risk aversion