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After turning on the mobile phone signal jammer, why does the mobile phone show that there is still signal?

Dojammer 2021-11-10

When some customers use the cell phone signal jammer again, they often encounter such a situation. After the mobile phone signal jammer is powered on and enters the working state, the mobile phone can no longer communicate, but the screen shows the number of signal grids. This is because although the mobile phone can receive the signal from the base station, this signal is not enough to ensure that the mobile phone can make normal calls and surf the Internet. The number of signal grids displayed on the mobile phone is false. The number of signal bars on the screen will also disappear.

Does the mobile phone jammer damage the mobile phone?

The answer is no. The mobile phone jammer will not damage the mobile phone, will not increase the malfunction of the mobile phone, and will not reduce the service life of the mobile phone. The signal frequency transmitted by the mobile phone jammer is the same white noise as the mobile phone use frequency, which is equivalent to the interference signal of the mobile phone, preventing the mobile phone and the base station from contacting each other. In searching for signals, trying to get in touch with the base station, so it will increase the power consumption of the mobile phone invisibly, but it will not cause harm to the mobile phone. If you are in the coverage area of ​​the mobile phone jammer for a short time, the power consumption of such a mobile phone is basically negligible. If you know that you will be in the coverage area of ​​the mobile phone jammer for a long time and do not want to increase the power consumption of the mobile phone, it is recommended to turn off the mobile phone. Wait until you get out of the coverage area of ​​the mobile phone jammer, and then turn on the phone.