Special industries cannot do without high-power mobile phone jammers

Dojammer 2021-05-17

Today, mobile phones are one of the most popular communication methods in the world. However, people are worried about the possible effects of the radiation they emit. In addition, mobile phones can affect the operation of devices, such as pacemakers and ECG recorders, and as a result, doctors may make a wrong diagnosis. In places like oil fields and gas stations, the use of mobile phones can cause explosions. In prisons, criminals communicating via mobile phones can do illegal things. Low-power cell phone jammer cannot effectively disable cell phone signals in these places. High-power cell phone jammers are the perfect tool to eliminate the damage and further consequences caused by cell phones.

12 Bands Signal Jammer

Compared with ordinary mobile phone jammers, high-power jammers are more advanced. Usually, high-power mobile phone jammers are equipped with antennas, allowing you to adjust the shielding range according to your needs. In addition, high-power mobile phone jammers are more user-friendly and easy to operate, while ordinary mobile phone jammers should be installed in the monitoring area. It needs to be emphasized that UPS and battery will back up high-power mobile phone jammers to protect and prevent main power failure, while normal mobile phone jammers have no backup and therefore consume energy. In addition, the high-power mobile phone jammer is controlled by a remote control system, which means that authorized personnel can control the operation.

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