The selection of mobile phone signal shielding cabinets should be comprehensively considered

Dojammer 2022-10-21

The main purpose of the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet is to shield the signal, so that the mobile phone has no signal or cannot receive the signal. So how does the shielding cabinet achieve the shielding effect?

The mobile phone signal jammer can play a shielding role because there are shielding sheets and beryllium copper shrapnel, which can ensure the continuity of conduction, thereby ensuring its shielding effect, and the surface finish and tightness of the product are better.

The purchase of mobile phone signal shielding cabinets should be made of cold-rolled steel with guaranteed materials, and its processing industry should also be meticulous, which is related to the quality of the entire tea farmer. Link the price and craftsmanship together, otherwise the selected shielding cabinet may not be reliable.

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When choosing a mobile phone shielding cabinet, you should choose a reliable manufacturer. The places where the shielding cabinet is generally used are more important. Therefore, you must ensure the shielding effect and avoid safety problems. When choosing a manufacturer, you must choose a professional and market-proven product. Do real-world tests to avoid surprises.

DOJAMMER's combined mobile phone shielding cabinet has a full range of specifications and is customized 1-to-1 according to customer needs. The interior of the product drawer is lined with flannel, independent locks, better shielding material, shielding function ≥ 65dB, the product can be freely combined, physically shielded, and guaranteed for five years. If you have any needs for mobile phone shielding cabinets, you can contact us directly, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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