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In today's society with developed communications, many people are troubled by the untimely phone calls of those around them. To eliminate this annoyance, a device that can block cell phone signals by manually pressing a button is quietly selling in the United States. Although the jammer has been deemed illegal by the Federal Telecommunications Commission, sales have multiplied in recent months.

Users love it

Cell phone jammers are not the latest scientific invention, but the high demand in the US market has made dealers frantically stock up. Users who buy cell phone jammers include coffee shop and hairdresser owners, restaurant owners, theater operators, bus drivers and commuters who use public transportation to commute every day.

This device is only the size of a cigarette box, and it is very convenient to hide. The user only needs to press the button, and the device will send out a radio interference signal, blocking the communication between all mobile phones and signal transmission towers within a radius of 4.5 meters to 9 meters. Mobile phone users experiencing signal interference will immediately see the words "No network available" on the screen.

Cell phone jammers vary in price, from $50 to a few hundred dollars, and in the strength of the radio signal they emit. The more expensive the cell phone jammer, the wider the coverage.

However, U.S. law prohibits private blocking of signals, with fines of up to $11,000 for first-time offenders. According to the US "New York Times" report on the 4th, relevant US departments have investigated and punished many companies that manufacture such devices, and have also held many users accountable.

Although the government has repeatedly stopped, American users still love cell phone jammers. As early as 2006, the Federal Telecommunications Commission conducted an investigation into a high-end restaurant in Maryland. The restaurateur, who asked not to be named, said he paid $1,000 for a strong signal jammer because he was fed up with employees who focused on their phones instead of customers.

He said: "I told them to put away the cell phone, put away the cell phone, put away the cell phone! But they took it on deaf ears."

During the FCC investigation, the restaurant owner turned off the jammer, so investigators didn't find any clues. But then investigators visited all the users in the town and told them to contact him as soon as they found out that the mobile phone had no signal, and the restaurant owner has never used the jammer since.

But it's much harder for investigators to find out if those little battery-powered shields are working. The survey showed that some jammer users obviously had a schadenfreude mentality when using the device. One buyer who left a message online said: "It's worth watching those teenagers on their phones in the mall suddenly become speechless."

The government has repeatedly stopped

The U.S. Wireless Industry Association submitted an opinion to the Federal Telecommunications Commission on the 3rd, requesting that the "prohibition of private shielding of signals" be retained. Not long ago, two US companies suggested to the Federal Telecommunications Commission that signals should be blocked in places such as prisons. But the network companies of the American Wireless Industry Association argue that removing the rules could allow criminals to abuse jammers and keep cellphone users from making calls for help in an emergency. Proponents of the retention statute also argue that the jammers "punish" not just noise-makers, but also callers who deliberately whisper.

"If there is one characteristic of the 21st century, it is that we cannot aggravate ourselves for the benefit of others," said Katz, an expert on mobile communications in the United States. People who use mobile phones feel that their interests are above everything else, while people who block mobile phone signals feel that Your own interests are more important."

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