Different countries choose Cell Phone Jammers frequency is not the same

Dojammer 2022-03-23

When you buy a Jammer, you should select the signal jamming device according to your country, because the signal frequency of each country is different, so the jammer you choose is not the same. And in such a condition, they can just choose the signal blockers that suit them, because we know there are different kinds of signal blockers now, such as EU version signal jammers and also US signal blocker . the powerful signal blocker EU version will be introduced to you soon.
GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI UHF VHF Signal Jammers (EU Version)

As now more and more people want to gain the Signal Blockers which can cut signals of different frequency bands at the same time and also alone according to their own needs. Now to meet people's needs more and more people are designed with the adjustable buttons and combine different jamming frequency bands together in one Jammer to achieve the goal and right here "Adjustable Jammer GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI UHF VHF Signal Blocker (EU Version)" which you are viewing here has been designed with such kind of capability and then you can view the detailed information of this example simply through the following content.

LOJACK 3G 4G Blocker

First of all, this high-power adjustable 8-antenna signal jammer is really suitable for people who live in EU countries and need a multifunctional high-power signal jammer. Therefore, this high-power European version of the cell phone jammer is designed with 6 antennas, which can easily cut off the signals of GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, WiFi, 4G and UHF at the same time, which is very powerful. And looking at the jamming distance, you will also be attracted to this high power desktop 3G 4G Wimax GPS VHF UHF WiFi jammer because the protection radius can be up to 50 meters depending on the signal strength of your location. Accurate, in this case, it can meet the interference range requirements of a large number of people.