Let's learn about the simple installation of shields commonly used in prisons

Dojammer 2022-02-14

At present, the simple installation of shielding devices commonly used in domestic prisons? Unified opening, inconvenient to close.

When there are too many mobile phone signal jammers, especially after multiple buildings in the prison area are shielded, it is difficult to turn on and off in a centralized manner; even if the power cord is arranged uniformly, a special person needs to be responsible for turning on and off on time; it is impossible to know the shielding The working status and failure of the device: after all the mobile phone signal jammers are turned on, the management personnel cannot immediately know whether the jammers at which points are working normally; it is not energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it is not conducive to equipment maintenance: generally, all the jammers are kept in a long-term The open state is not conducive to energy saving, environmental protection, equipment maintenance, and shortening the service life of equipment (such as factories, canteens, warehouses, etc. are unmanned at night, and there is no need to turn on the mobile phone jammers in these locations 24 hours a day. run);

It is inconvenient for group control or point-to-point control: it is impossible to control the timing switch in precise arbitrary groups or point-to-point; it is impossible to prevent the phenomenon of intentional damage to the jammer: for the intentional damage of prisoners or prison guards, cutting off the power supply, etc., which affect the normal operation of the cell phone jammer, Managers cannot immediately determine and know; there is no way to track and troubleshoot the process of manually closing the shield: it is impossible to track and troubleshoot the more sophisticated sabotage of prisoners or prison guards (for example: some guards cut off the shield at night without supervision power supply, and restore the normal power supply of the jammer in the next morning).

The advantages of installing a mobile phone shielding network intelligent management system. There is no need to arrange control lines, and the installation and construction are simpler. The whole system takes the power carrier as the technical core, and does not require centralized wiring (the power line that supplies power to the shielding device does not need centralized wiring), and there is no need for wiring between the shielding devices or between the shielding device and the main control computer. You need to get the power nearby (the power cord that supplies power to the shield is used both as a power supply and as a remote control signal transmission).

12 Bands Signal Jammer

Question: Does cell phone signal jammer work on CDMA?

Answer: It works! The signal shielding device can shield the electromagnetic waves in the corresponding band by adjusting the settings, and the CDMA mobile phone signal can also be shielded. The 800MHz frequency band used by CDMA.

The software has unified centralized control and management, and the electronic map is simple and clear. The whole system is controlled and managed by a set of master control software, and managers can see the shielding status in the monitoring area at a glance through the unit structure diagram (equivalent to the unit electronic map) on the master control software. Free grouping, fully open, fully closed, groupable (by building, subarea) switch, point-to-point switch management personnel can accurately point-to-point or group (that is, sub-area or sub-building) through the main control software on the main control computer. ) to control the opening and closing of any shielding point; master the running status and fault of all points, real-time query and automatic query, automatic alarm: managers can manually or automatically query the working status of each mobile phone shielding device. The faulty or damaged isolator can be found immediately. In the state of automatic inquiry, it can provide sound and light alarms for the faulty shielding point and clearly inform the position of the isolator; the timing switch and timing plan can be programmed arbitrarily, saving energy and environmental protection.

Any point or group can be controlled by the software to turn on and off accurately at regular intervals; after setting some positions that do not need to be turned on continuously for many years, it is beneficial to energy saving, environmental protection, and prolonging the service life of the equipment; the log function helps Tracking and troubleshooting: The perfect system log function will record the working status of each blocker, the operation log of the administrator or operator, and has the tracking and troubleshooting function for those more sophisticated sabotage behaviors (for example, a prison guard cuts off at night. After the power supply of the jammer is restored during the day, this process will be automatically queried and recorded in the log). Scalable functions in the future: multi-level networking, data aggregation, mastering the overall situation:

This item is an extensible development function in the future and has not yet been put into use: since each prison system has an independent database, if there are multiple prisons in the province, the upper-level prison management department can call each prison in the future. The database of the institute is used to monitor the operation status of the shielding system of each prison.

Question: Does cell phone shielding work on PHS?

Answer: Yes, the shielding frequency of the general mobile phone signal jammer is designed as: 869MHz-894MHz, 925MHz-960MHz, 1900MHz-1990MHz, 1805MHz-1880MHz and other high-frequency oscillation modules. Frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other technologies can be used to obtain the required shielding frequency. According to the power of the shield, a spherical cellular shielding space with a diameter of about 3-100M can be customized, so that the mobile phone will automatically fail in this space to achieve the purpose of shielding.